General Dentistry

Our general dentistry services are designed to help you achieve optimal oral health. We offer a number of different services to meet the needs of each and every patient that steps foot into our office.

  • Routine Exams and Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Hygiene Maintenance
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Dental Sealants

Dental Implants

A missing tooth can make it a challenge for you to chew or even alter the way you talk. It can also hinder your jaw health and make you feel insecure. Fortunately, dental implants at our office can resolve these issues. With dental implants, you can eat comfortably, improve your speech, protect your jaw and teeth, and most importantly, feel good about your smile.

Sedation Dentistry

We understand that some of our patients suffer from dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free dental experience to those who are fearful of dental work. Dr. Williamson may also recommend sedation dentistry if the procedures require an extended period of time, even if dental anxiety is not present.

  • IV Sedation
  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • NuCalm, Anxiety Free Dentistry


During your personalized consultation meeting, your doctor will take time to get to know you and discuss your smile goals. Based on your feedback and the results of your comprehensive exam the doctor will recommend which dental restoration options are the best long-term solution for your smile.

  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Crown
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Dental Bridge
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Implant Dentistry


Invisalign – the clear alternative to metal braces. A breakthrough technology that straightens teeth with a series of clear, virtually invisible, custom-molded aligners. These aligners replace the wires and brackets of the past, making orthodontic care practically unnoticeable to others. And, unlike braces of the past, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth.

    Invisalign has been proven effective in both clinical research and in dental practices nationwide and can treat:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Gaps in Teeth
  • Shifting of Teeth After Braces

    Best of all, Invisalign helps improve your overall health, including:

  • Healthier Gums
  • Easier Cleanings
  • Improved Speech

Dental Hygienist

Maintaining your teeth and gums is the foundation of a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. Williamson has created a practice where personable, caring, gentle, and highly experienced dental hygienists provide a comprehensive approach to overall dental health. Blending innovative technology and a variety of proven services, our hygienists are able to provide unparalleled patient care in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

  • 60 Minute Dental Hygienist Visit
  • Relaxed
  • Educational
  • Soft Tissue Laser
  • Voice Activated Periodontal Probing
  • LoLoz

Sleep Dentistry

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea and haven’t found a solution that’s right for you, we can help. We offer alternatives to the traditional CPAP machine treatment, which can be bulky and quite uncomfortable. You can count on us to design a treatment plan that is custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Do you snore at night? If so, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Sit Back & Relax. We Understand Your Concerns.

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