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Sedation Dentistry San Antonio

Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is absolutely essential to you and your family’s oral health. But for many people, what would typically be considered a simple trip to the dentist is a nerve-wracking experience – so much so that many people postpone dental appointments or even avoid going altogether. Fortunately, Dr. Williamson understands that many of his San Antonio, Texas patients suffer from anxiety about dental visits, which is why we are pleased to offer a variety of sedation dentistry methods to alleviate that fear.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Choosing the type of sedation that is best for you will depend on several different factors, including the level of anxiety you experience during a trip to the dentist. Dr. Williamson can help you choose which is right for you. Here are the forms of sedation that we offer to our patients:

  • IV sedation – Patients who experience a great deal of fear and anxiety about a dental appointment, or those who need to undergo a lengthy procedure, might benefit from IV sedation. This method involves administering a sedation drug via an intravenous line inserted into the vein of a patient. IV sedation allows the patient to experience deep relaxation. People who receive IV sedation usually don’t remember the procedure.
  • Oral sedation – For some patients, Dr. Williamson might recommend oral sedation. This method involves prescribing a sedative in capsule or pill form that the patient can take a short time before the appointment. Oral sedation allows the patient to remain conscious during the procedure, but still extremely relaxed. People may or may not recollect their visit.
  • Nitrous oxide – Also referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide can be a good choice for patients who experience mild anxiety about the dental visits. This form of sedation is administered to the patient in the dental chair immediately before the procedure, and leaves the individual feeling at ease and maybe even a little giddy. Nitrous oxide is a milder sedative that wears off quickly.

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