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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in San Antonio, TX | General Dentistry

If the thought of having a tooth pulled frightens you, you’re not alone. But the fact is that tooth extractions are usually simple procedures that only take a short time to complete in our San Antonio, Texas office. And thanks to effective anesthetics and dental sedation methods, most people don’t feel any more discomfort from having a tooth pulled than any other dental procedure.

Who Needs a Tooth Extraction?

The vast majority of the time, both dentists and patients alike would prefer that patients keep their natural teeth. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. If you have a tooth with damage so extensive that it can’t be repaired by any other dental procedure, you may need to have the tooth extracted. This could happen for any variety of reasons, including extensive decay or significant damage to the tooth (such as a crack or break, for example). But Dr. Williamson may also recommend tooth extraction if a tooth becomes infected. And people with advanced gum disease can end up with loose teeth, in which case there’s often no other choice but to pull the teeth.

Recovering from Tooth Extractions

While it’s true that the procedure involved in having a tooth pulled is typically relatively simple and quick, this is one dental procedure that requires the patient to follow a special set of instructions in order to recover safely at home. Dr. Williamson will provide you with all the information you need to take care of yourself after the procedure, and it’s important that you follow those instructions carefully to ensure complete healing in a short period of time. You’ll have to take care not to disturb the site of the extraction. You might also need some over-the-counter pain medication for the first few days after having a tooth pulled. And getting plenty of rest is always an important part of the healing process.


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