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Gum Contouring

Just as the name implies, gum contouring involves removing excess gum tissue. Although there are a variety of different reasons why a patient may need gum contouring, the most common is a “gummy smile.” This condition occurs in patients whose gum tissue extends too far down the surface of their front teeth. As a result, the person’s smile exposes too much gum tissue and not enough tooth surface, producing what is commonly called a “gummy smile.” Dr. Williamson is pleased to offer gum contouring to his San Antonio, Texas patients.

The Gum Contouring Technique

There was a time, just a few short years ago, when removing excess gum tissue was a highly invasive procedure that required the dentist using a scalpel and sutures afterward. Needless to say, it took quite a bit of time to recover from that procedure. Fortunately, modern dental technology has changed all that. Today, Dr. Williamson and other dentists around the US are able to use a specially designed laser to remove gum tissue. This means much less discomfort (in fact, no discomfort whatsoever most of the time) for the patient, much less bleeding during the procedure, and a significantly shorter recovery period. Today, a gum contouring procedure to eliminate a gummy smile can typically be completed in a single trip to our office. And, after the gum tissue is healed, the result is a much more attractive smile for the patient!

Why Do Some People Have a Gummy Smile?

There are a variety of reasons why some people have a gummy smile. It’s possible that overactive muscles resulting in upper lip movement or a poorly developed upper jawbone could be the culprit. It could also be related to the size and shape of the patient’s lips. Whatever the cause may be, the good news is that Dr. Williamson can resolve the issue in a much faster and less invasive way that you might ever have believed possible – all thanks to modern laser technology.

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